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freeze dried banana slices

Banana slices, freeze dried

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If you're a fan of bananas you will love these freeze dried banana slices. Packed with all the nutrients & flavour of a banana ripe banana, these slices are delicious, and a great snacking option. Freeze dried bananas have a different texture than soft bananas, providing a satisfying tender crunch. 

Freeze drying preserves close to 97% of nutritional value, so these banana slices are rich in potassium and low in sodium, rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and manganese.


  • Add to trail mix, cereal or granola
  • Use as a on-the-go snack
  • Great chopped up for baby snacks
  • They are versatile as an ingredient. They can be ground into powder for instant banana flavoring, diced and chopped for use in a granola/protein bar, or added to a recipe.

60 gram bag

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